9 Effective Leadership Qualities

9 Effective Leadership Qualities

9 Effective Leadership Qualities

Leaders lead and followers follow. It’s a simple enough statement but what separates the two type of people? What makes a leader a leader and vice versa?

With FITTEAM, we all have the ability to be leaders. We all have the ability to forge our own paths, create new opportunities, and most importantly, help others change their lives as drastically as we’ve changed our own.

But again, what is a leader? What qualities and characteristics create and define a good leader? Below are just a few of the many qualities, in no particular order, that can cultivate excellent leadership.



In order to inspire others in your journey, you must first start yours. There is a desire in each and every one of us to take on a giant responsibility that is going to require our all. Most of us have taken that first step and that was solely based off of our willingness to take that leap. That go-getter mentality is a must for any successful leader.

Tying in to the previous point, while the ambition got us going, it’s the passion that must remain prevalent throughout. No successful leader has ever only been half invested in their venture. When you speak of the company or of the product, your eyes have to light up. Exuberance has to show through your words. Share a personal story that will inspire others who may be going through the same situation that you overcame. There are so many ways to demonstrate passion, just make sure that you do.


Work your business. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
This seems to be a common campaign within the world of, well, anything, but how true is the message? Especially that last word: repeat. With continued repetition of successful practices, the rewards will surely be reaped. By setting the standard with your own work ethic, the inspiration it will stir in others is sure to be contagious. Like they say, “Persistence pays off.”

Decisions, decisions. Some are easier than others. Some, however, are very difficult and can alter everything even in just the slightest way. We are all faced with these challenges at one point or another and the way in which we handle them is paramount.

Once again tying in with the previous point, whatever choice we made when handed with a decision to be made, we must own up to that choice and the result. It is okay to make mistakes; we all do. The way in which we handle ourselves and attempt to right the wrongs is a quality that has to be high up on the list of effective qualities. We must take responsibility for our own actions rather than look for an escape route.

If you are a leader, chances are that you have people you need to speak with on a daily basis. Whether it’s an important message to relay to your team or even just motivating one person who has been struggling, communication is so vital. And that’s not just for business or leadership; it’s for everything we do. Without communication, what is there? Seriously? We need to be checking in on and following up with as many people as we can, as well as develop new relationships through varied forms of communication, be it personal, interpersonal, or online.


No one likes a Negative Nancy (no offense to anyone named Nancy). Who would want to look up to someone who is down in the doldrums daily? A positive attitude can influence and motivate anyone. Passion ties in to this point as well. If we do what we love, we can’t help but spread a smile across our faces and is that not a sign of positivity? It is infectious. Never underestimate the power of positivity.

It’s what we do when no one’s looking, to paraphrase the great John Wooden. Our character is something that people will gravitate towards. People look for other authentic people. If your actions and words are genuine, it allows them to see what kind of person you are. Honesty and truthfulness are two sub-traits that must be met with equal consistency.

The old cliche that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” could sum up this point to a tee. Greatness was not achieved overnight and neither was becoming a good leader or leader in general. To bookend the first point in this post, while ambition conjures up the notion of constantly being on the move and a go-go-go mentality, patience must be implemented. It allows us to oversee our next steps, review the past, and create a game plan to further our success. If we are constantly rushing around or being more reactive in nature, there are bound to be flaws. Also, if the success hasn’t been coming right away, but you’re doing all of the right things, it’s only a matter of time before a break happens. As long as you are persistent.


With these several qualities that all interweave with one another, it will be difficult not to reach the levels you want to reach. If you practice these already; fantastic! Keep doing so! If you find yourself needing to work on some of these, another great leadership quality is focus. Do that and there is no reason that your goals can’t be achieved.

There are so many different combinations of qualities that mold a great leader. What are some that aren’t on this list that you practice? Do you disagree with some of these? What would you replace them with? Let us know and thanks for reading, Leaders!

-Adam Williams
Communications Coordinator

Post inspired by: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270486