Rethink Your Words For Fitness Success

Rethink Your Words For Fitness Success

Rethink Your Words For Fitness Success

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by humanity.” – Rudyard Kipling. Our mind has tremendous power; that goes without saying, but did you know that even the smallest habit like the words we use can have a significant impact on achieving our goals (including fitness goals). Words fuel our thoughts, which ultimately drive our behavior. Words get us through those grueling workouts, extra miles, and physical limits.

There are even some common words/sayings floating around the fitness world that may actually have a negative impact on you achieving your goals. “Cheat”, “Diet”, and “Failure are a few examples that may warrant rethinking their meaning and usage.

Words to ReThink

“Cheat” implies you’re doing something wrong or immoral, and by nature, this can lead to a sense of guilt or shame associated with your decision to have a meal off your regular eating plan. Rather than placing a label or meaning to the meal as either “good” or “bad”, a different approach is to simply view the meal as what you chose to eat, enjoy it, and move on. No need to dwell or obsess over the quality or quantity of the food. It is what it is, and you’ll have another opportunity to make healthy choices at your next meal.

“Diet” has definitely come to have a negative connotation in the health and fitness world, but there’s no need to fear or avoid this word. Rather, let’s take a closer look at a distinction: a diet is different from diet-ing. However, they are both necessary for progress towards your fitness goals, and you can’t avoid thinking about or doing either because if you eat food, you have a diet.

The food you’re currently eating is the diet you’re ON, so when you’re going ON a diet, you’re making adjustments to the way you eat. Simple as that. We don’’ have to associate negative feelings with the word. We give words power, and in turn, that can be power of us. Don’t allow the word “diet” to be one of those things.


Especially in the American culture, we hate to fail and have thus come to associate this word with something deeper than simply seeing it as an opportunity for improvement. Many successful athletes and business people alike have come to realize the real truth relates to a well-known quote: “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate” – Thomas J. Watson “The interesting thing about failure is it relates to fitness in the literal application. For example, muscles only grow by failure, and yet think how many people are afraid to lift heavy weights. Seek your boundaries, push to failure, and fail often.” As for the denial that failure can actually be good, forget it. It will hinder your momentum in the long run.

Words for Success

“In fitness, discipline is more than sheer willpower, but also the ability to endure trials, accept setbacks, and push through discomfort.”

Habit – Purpose – Power – Drive – Discipline

Not just any word will motivate all of us to success. After all, each individual has differing goals, experiences and connotations we associate with words. Whether it be single words or full-fledged quotes, find what works for you. Success will come naturally when you learn to leverage the power of your mind to empower rather than hinder you on your fitness journey.

-Health & Wellness Coach
Michelle C.