Fitness Hacks

Fitness Hacks

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Who doesn’t love a good life hack? No one said exercising was easy but here are 8 ways to make it a little bit easier on you:

-Make a workout playlist that lasts as long as you want to exercise for to keep you focused on your workout instead of on how much time is left.
-Always keep a gym bag in your car to remind you to work out.
-If you workout in the morning, sleep in your workout clothes.
-Go to the gym at off-peak times. You are pretty much guaranteed your favorite machines.
-Don’t like going to the gym alone? Group classes are great for the social butterfly.
-Can’t afford a gym membership? YouTube (and our Facebook page) are filled with free workouts for all fitness levels.
-Get up during commercials and do some type of exercise (jog in place, jumping jacks, anything to get you moving!)
-Get cardio in after your workout not before, this will save muscle energy for strength training.