all in


What an exciting weekend in HOUSTON, TEXAS!

This past weekend was magical at the FITTEAM NATIONAL ALL IN EVENT. A time where everyone is reminded that the “impossible” is possible through hard work and commitment.

ALL IN is an event designed to inspire personal growth, hone skills and create good habits through training and sharing experiences. A time to truly focus on goals and aspirations of becoming a better version of yourself, helping others and growing your business. This weekend we were reminded why it is important to always be “ALL IN – ALL THE TIME” and the positive impact it will have on your life.

The FITTEAM corporate office would like to CONGRATULATE everyone who is ALL IN and committed the time to be a part in this amazing weekend dedicated to making dreams come true. Every single person that attended had an inspirational story that we proud to be part of. Additionally, we would like to give a well-deserved THANK YOU to our Diamonds who provided personal in-depth business training and served as a reminder that success physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Are you ready to take yourself or business to the next level? If so, we will see you August 3rd in Louisville, Kentucky for the next FITTEAM NATIONAL EVENT: FAMILY REUNION. Tickets to the FAMILY REUNION in Louisville can be purchased through