Reading may have more benefits than you think!

Reading may have more benefits than you think!

We all know reading has both and educational and entertainment value, but did you know reading can also keep you healthy and living longer! Below we take a look into some of the benefits that come from reading daily.

Keeps the mind stimulated

This benefit is probably one you have already heard of or could have assumed but what does it really mean to stimulate the mind. When you read, it activates your brain in many different ways which in turn provides the brain exercise, just like you would provide to any other muscle by going to the gym. Reading allows your brain to form and use neural pathways which helps you make connections, think quick and slows the process of mental decay which often is the cause in Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Improves Memory

While you read a book, you are forced to remember characters and plot lines throughout the story this practice of memory carries over into your ever day life. Strengthening your memory through reading no only helps you make new memories but strengthens your old ones.

Reduces Stress

Studies have shown reading can help reduce stress by over 50%! When you read it allows your brain to become distracted from the everyday. A great story allows you to stay present in the moment of reading, allowing your tensions to be released [3]. On top of the reducing your stress level which has serious positive effects on your body and mind.

Help with depression

Reading self-help books can provide support, clarity and feelings of positivity. Outside of self-help books reading in general provides an outlet for people. This outlet allows people find things and characters they can relate to when they feel like no one else in their life does. Also depending on the subject matter of the book they can provide a way to find inner peace and tranquility [1].

Strengthens Emotional Intelligence

Reading allows the brain to develop social tools such as emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence it important for many reasons. EQ is should to lead to more human interaction and positive interactions it is also crucial in building a career and leadership skills.

Provides Knowledge

To put it simply, reading can provide knowledge on anything you want. You want to learn how something works, there is book for that. You want to know how something came to be, there is a book for that. Basically, anything you would want to know can be found in a book. Another way reading can provide you knowledge is through increasing your vocabulary by encountering new words. You may be thinking what the big deal everyone can learn new words, however studies have shown that an increase in your vocabulary may lead to a more resilient mind by fueling your cognitive reserve.[1] This cognitive reserve creates new pathways around damaged areas in your brain caused by inactivity or decay. The more knowledge you have the better equipped you are to face the challenges you will encounter throughout life [1]. Knowledge is power!


These are just a few of the many benefits that come from reading every day. If you are ever in need of a new book or not sure what to read be sure to check out the FITTEAM book of the month. This is a leadership read we post on our blog on the first of every month! If you are already an avid reader than we encourage you to keep it up! And for those of you looking to create new healthy habits add reading every day to your list. You will be sure to thank us later!