Sacred of rejection? Get over it!

Sacred of rejection? Get over it!


Rejection is universally undesired however, every day we are faced with some form of rejection. The key to success is the ability to overcome this fear and learn to embrace rejection when encountered.

A sales role is one of the hardest positions to be in because rejection WILL happen no matter what you do or how good you are at your sales pitch. The fear of rejection is often greater than actually being rejected, so it is crucial to overcome this fear. Below we take a look into tips, tricks and habits that may help in overcoming your fear of rejection once and for all.

Expect and prepare to be rejected

This may be a no brainer but to overcome a fear you must face it. You must put yourself in the position to be turned down. Start small by making the sales call you are nervous to make or try reaching out to a new prospect daily. This will condition you to become comfortable making these calls and potentially hearing no. When making these calls be prepared that the rejection may come. If you are prepared properly you will already have a response ready to go. This response could be used to redirect the conversation or to learn something for a future time or different prospect. Whatever the outcome, having proper expectations and being prepared will help lessen your fear.

Visualize success and your desired outcome

You want to be careful to not trick yourself into defeat. You want to maintain your goals and vision of success. This habit of visualizing success will help your mind lead you to that desired outcome. If you are struggling with this step maybe try recalling the best deal you ever made or reach out to a mentor for encouragement. Having a positive attitude and going into a sales pitch visualizing your ideal outcome will give you the confidence you need to get the results you are looking for.

Do not take rejection personally

When you are rejected by someone saying no to a product or a service you are offering should never be taken personally. Remaining confident in yourself is key to becoming successful in sales. Focus on the sales process rather than how it is personally making you feel. If you get rejected, call another prospect and turn back to your sales process and system you have put in place. Many people say no due to timing and nothing to do with you or your business at all.

Listen and create opportunities

It is easy to get caught up pushing the benefits of your product and/or services when trying to make a sale, but one critical element to not forget is to listen. Listening to your prospect may help you in understanding their objections and help to overcome them. It also may give you a better insight too what will work best for them so when they are ready to say yes, they will have the best experience possible. Listening to your prospects and understanding those that say yes vs that say no, will allow you create a better more refined customer profile. Once you have this optimal profile developed you can prospect more people likely to say yes which creates better opportunities. The more opportunities you create the more yes’s you will receive, ultimately helping to overcome the fear of rejection.

Work on your craft

Part of overcoming the fear of rejection is becoming more comfortable and confident in your sales role. There are many things you can do to help you refine and improve your craft such as; additional sales training, motivational course, sales motivated podcasts, engaging in your companies support system, finding a mentor or talking to successful colleagues. All of these items can help you in becoming more successful while building your confidence to overcome rejection. We have all heard the saying practice make perfect, which in this case applies the more calls/pitches you do the better you become.


FITTEAM encourages you to conquer your fears and create the success you envision!