Network Marketing, Your Real Business

Network Marketing, Your Real Business

“Network marketing is a scam”, “network marketing is a pyramid scheme”, “you’ll never make money in network marketing.” These are common phrases you will hear upon deciding to join a network marketing company, but are they true? The truth… sometimes. Just like any field of business there are people and companies who are truthful and value integrity and those that don’t. The key to success when joining a network marketing company is to do your research. Think about it this way, would you open any other business franchise without doing your research? No, so don’t treat network marketing any different.


Success in network marketing comes from the understanding that you will need to treat your business like any other type of business out there. This may seem intuitive, but this is where most people get stuck. People often see network marketing as a quick way to make extra cash, or a way to get “rich” quick. Yes, you can make extra cash by running your network marking business part-time and yes you can in-fact get “rich” however, this all comes through understanding that – this is your business so you will need to run it like one!


Let’s start from the beginning. When creating a business, you need a great idea or something you love that you can monetize. Well, the same goes when starting your network marketing business. You’ll need to find a company you align with, something you are genuinely excited about! Not only must you trust their products and or services, but you should be able to find a personal connection. Also do your research about the company, talk to people currently in the company and maybe some of those who have left, this will help you gain more comprehensive idea of what you may be getting into.


Once you have found that product or service you love and you are excited to share it with others, you’re ready to start your network marketing business. When starting in a network marketing company it is important to be coachable. Of course, it is always your business and you can call the shots but having someone who has been successful in the company coach you and become your mentor will only help you achieve success. Allowing yourself to be coachable in this new business will help you to learn new ways duplicate their system and grow the way you envision.


So now you are in and you have gotten started, but where are you going? It is crucial to create a business plan. This business plan can be as formal or informal as you want but it should without a doubt at least contain the following items;

Why you started your business.This may be the most important of them all. Knowing your “why”, such as more time with the kids, financial relief, product benefits or any reason you hold near and dear will only help you achieve your goals because it becomes a constant reminder of your purpose.

Plan out the goals and dreams you have for your business and yourself.Much like in any other business plan this is your overall strategic objective, in other words what you want from your business. People and businesses who set goals and physically write them out, are shown to have more success. This process will give you a realistic idea of what you need to do.

Build a plan to reach these goals.This doesn’t have to be overwhelming you can start with planning how to conquer the day-to-day goals and then work your way up. Planning out how to spend your time and resources will only help you reach your goals, no matter how big or small they may be.

Why you.This often gets forgotten yet it is critical to your business! There are thousands of networking marketing and traditional businesses out there all fighting for the consumer, you will need to figure out why they should come to you. What sets you apart from all of the others. When it comes to network marketing people join your business or buy your products because of you and the relationship they build with you.

You will see that with a good business plan in place not only is it easier to hold yourself accountable, but your plan can act as your guide when you are feeling lost.


Now that you are armed with your plan it is time to “get down to business.” It is time to work! Just like in any other business customers won’t just magically show up and you won’t become successful from doing nothing. Often times people are attracted to network marketing because it “seems easy” or “you don’t really have to do anything” however, that is not really the case. Yes, running a network marketing business can have its perks like working from anywhere and usually at any time, but you still have to work. There are many ways to help you make working your business easier, such as:

Set business hours.Creating a time block and keeping a calendar of times dedicated to just your business.

Remain consistent with your business.If you decide to work your business 15 hours a week then do that every week.

Develop a follow up system.This will help you maintain and build strength in your relationships.

Invest in your business. Learn about the industry and ways you can succeed. Invest in yourself, look for trusted advisors or mentors to help you along the way.

Network. Okay this one should be a given in a network marketing company, but always be networking, you never know who a great addition to your business could be.

Stay committed. A rise to the top in any business doesn’t happen overnight, and there will always be highs and lows however if you remain committed and consistent with your hard work it will pay off. The average time to commit to a business is 2 years, keep that in mind!

Keep financial records.This will help you evaluate how you can grow your business. Not to mention you will need this during tax season, which when owning your business will become your responsibility.

Ultimately just remember the golden rule – you will only GET OUT of your business WHAT YOU PUT IN to your business. You are the only one who can determine if you reach your goals!


Ownign your own business may not be for everyone, but it could be right for you! If you looking to learn more about FITTEAM or network marketing we are always here to help. We look forward to your success!


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