Healthy during the holidays?

Healthy during the holidays?

When you think of the holiday’s you probably think of family, friends, fun and delicious food. A time for all of your favorite things. Most likely not top of mind, would be the workouts you’ll try to squeeze in or the healthy options that may cross your path. However, a slight change in your mindset could be the key to making healthier choices this holiday season.

Below we take a look into simple things to keep in mind this holiday season that could keep you from regretting the second piece of pie.

Stay hydrated.
  • This one is pretty straight forward, drink more water. During the holiday’s everyone’s “normal schedule” tends to get a bit crazy, which means you are actually probably drinking less water than you normally would. So, this holiday season make a conscious effort to keep your water bottle full because staying properly hydrated will help you not feel as hungry and help your immune system.


Enjoy what you eat.
  • This tip is really about being mindful when you are eating your holiday indulgent meals. Slow down, take in the smells and all the great tastes. Just by slowly down and actually enjoying what you are eating will help you to feel full faster. In addition, let go of the “now or never” mentality. We often think this is the ONLY time in the year we can eat these foods, but the truth of the matter is we can eat them anytime. This holiday season if you don’t LOVE it don’t eat, don’t just eat it because it is there.


Healthy alternatives.
  • If you’re the chef for your holiday parties or dinners this one will be a little easier because you are in control. Try a new recipe for a healthier side dish. If you are not the chef, you can still choose healthy alternatives. For example, say you just have to go back for seconds make sure you grab the vegetables or try to aim for the healthies thing on the table.


Don’t stop your workout but rather reinvent them.
  • During the holiday season it may be best to split your normal 30/60-minute workouts up and try to get in shorter sessions throughout the day. For example, get 3 quick 10-minute walks throughout the day. Or get your family and friend involved maybe play a game outside or talk a long walk with a relative you haven’t seen in a while. Doing just this little bit extra throughout the day will help compensate for the longer format workouts you may miss during the holidays.


Save room for dessert.
  • This one may seem hard, but planning on having dessert prior to eating may help avoid over eating. Make a deal with yourself, if you want dessert don’t go for a second helping. Leaving room for dessert with help you feel satisfied and not overstuffed.


Wear form fitting clothes.
  • This one is trying to play a trick on yourself. When you wear clothes are at more form fitting and tighter on your body you will become more aware of how full you actually are, not to mention most people tend to be more mindful in general when wearing form fitting clothes.


Don’t drink your calories.
  • One of the biggest culprits during the holidays are the drinks. This goes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Try to stay away from anything sweet or creamy this holiday season and if you do want to indulge try to stick with one and then follow it with a big glass of water. The water will help you feel full and satisfied with just the one.


Not sure where to start, keep an eye on the FITTEAM social media for additional healthy holiday alternative recipes and quick workouts you can do from anywhere at any time.

FITTEAM wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season filled with everything you love.