Remote Motivation!

Remote Motivation!

How to motivate your team when working remote…

To say our world has changed over the past year would be an understatement. Business, employers, employees, entrepreneurs and everyone in-between have made changes to adapt. One of the many changes adopted over the past year has been working remotely. Almost anyone who could do their job remotely was forced to do so and many still remain as remote employees. Some people have grown to love this change while others still struggle. Many leaders and mangers are struggling to find ways to motivate their teams across the distance. Today, we take a look at ways you can help motivate your team even from a far:


Communicate with your team. Make sure you are talking to them just because they are out of site, they your team should not go out of mind. Keeping communication strong while remote will help the relationship intact therefore keeping them motivated. If you are noticing a slip in production ask what motivates them, help them tap into how they can achieve this same feeling while remote. Understand there will be challenges to working remotely especially for those not used to the freedom. Reassure your team you are there for them and try to take and authentic genuine interested in their remote life.


Trust your team. If you do not have trust in your team you may begin to micromanage or over communicate. This behavior could lead to frustration amongst your team along with feeling unappreciated.  However, do focus on constructive feedback when needed, look at this as help a teammate grow rather than pointing out flaws. Trust can go a long way in a person’s mindset. If you trust them to get the job done, most people will not want to disappoint and come through.


Encourage collaboration. Remote work is void of the much needed “water cooler talk.” Teams who get along and are familiar with one another tend to work better together, which ultimately improves the final outcome. Collaboration can be key in helping remote teams feel connected not only to one another but the task at hand (work). It is important to remember that remote team building exercises can also help improve a team’s overall communication while keeping your teams’ connections strong while working remotely.


Recognize and empower your team.  In a remote world recognition can go a long way. This can be as small as a shout out on a team call or team email. This recognition is a reminder that their work and hard effort matter even if it is from a far. Another great way to keep your team encouraged is to empower them. Make sure you are providing the resources and support the need to succeed. By empowering and recognizing your team members you are creating a community of trust and respect which will continue to help production.


Discuss time management and prioritization. The number one struggle when employees go remote is learning how to manage time, prioritize and avoid distractions. Create a plan your team can follow while at the same time educating your team on how to be successful in time management no matter what plan is in place. Remind your team of the task at hand and how to go about achieving it. Teaching your team these skills will not only help them in their career but also in their personal life.


Self-reflect. Lastly, and most importantly practice self-reflection so you can improve your leadership. Taking the time to review yourself and analyzing where there is room for growth will make you a better leader for your team.


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